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Personalized Cloud Computing Solutions by HiFX team of integrated Architects and DevOps engineerAt HiFX we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your optimization and adoption needs of Cloud Computing Solutions. Our team of expert AWS solutions Architects and Engineers are well-versed in architecture, deployment, optimization, automation, monitoring and management of large scale production cloud workloads making them the best at what they do and at developing cloud solutions that fulfill every requirement you put forward.

Our aim is to cater to your needs of an authentic cloud and to give you an edge over your competitors by boosting your business by making it swift, reliable and secure.

To take the full advantage of the cloud, we build solutions with the
following architecture and design objectives in mind :

Ensure high availability using geographically dispersed regions / data centers

Design for failure so that nothing fails in production

Loosely couple the components to maximize plug and play

Build security into every component

Implement elasticity and automate dynamic provisioning of instances

Monitoring & alerting that tracks the dynamic cloud infrastructure

HiFX DevOps team functions as the core of all production workloads. The expertise of our DevOps engineers combined with thorough utilization of our partner technologies from AWS, Datadog, Chef, Ansible and Docker in automating and streamlining cloud infrastructure and development platforms results in successful server provisioning and configuration management, application deployment and, integration and monitoring of cloud infrastructure and platforms.

Our DevOps team expertise in the following areas :

Infrastructure Automation
Automated Provisioning
Continuous integration and delivery
Automated release management
Cloud Administration
Linux/Unix Server Administration
Container Orchestration
Security optimization
Cost optimization
Performance optimization
Disaster recovery
Infrastructure Consultation
Designing Infrastructure
Infrastructure Migration
Hybrid Infrastructure Management